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Get smart. Get safe.

The lowest cost claim is the one that never happens.

Not only will improving your loss performance lead to lower workers’ compensation premiums, but you’ll save big by keeping workers productive and off the sidelines.

Do you have an effective loss control program?

Would you be surprised to learn that implementing one doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming? In fact, the first step is as easy as picking up the phone. After a short initial consultation, we’ll take the lead in designing a comprehensive loss control program including an on-site safety survey, accident cause analysis, and tailored resources and training programs.

Not only will we facilitate the creation of your safety program, but we’ll also help you implement it step-by-step in the most effective manner with the least operational impact. Then we’ll stick with you, providing ongoing support and verification to ensure your program is a success.

Best of all, this service is completely free to Salus customers!
It only takes a few minutes to get started. We’d love to help.

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